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Services Offered by DARS to Businesses and Employers  

Recruiting & Staffing - Ready... Set... Hire

DARS partners with employers across Virginia to provide them with qualified, dependable employees. Between 3,000-4,000 DARS clients become successfully employed each year.

DARS' dedicated staff helps your business find the right job candidates and take the guesswork out of hiring decisions:

  • Our vocational rehabilitation counselors assess our clients' abilities
  • Vocational evaluators use multiple tests to measure our clients' aptitude, interests and functional skills
  • Our placement counselors prepare our clients so you have access to pre-qualified, job-ready candidates by:
    • Compiling resumes, letters of recommendation and former employer contacts
    • Ensuring hiring forms and paperwork are completed
    • Assisting with logistics such as transportation, child care and overall availability
    • Assessing limitations and finding accommodations needed to perform job

Our business development managers and placement counselors do the legwork by:

  • Working with your organization to set up job internships, unpaid work experiences or on-the-job training to make sure the employee is a good fit
  • Arranging job fairs so you can preview multiple candidates at one time
  • Partnering with job coaches to guide the clients you hire who need extra support services

Career Corner

Want to highlight your Industry? DARS provides virtual job shadow activities and monthly Career Cafe's to highlight different Sectors. Businesses from around the state meet with interested candidates and Workforce Professionals to discuss their particular industry. Participants learn about the daily work, education and skills required, along with the benefits of working for your company.

Financial Incentives - Try Before You Hire

Unpaid Work Experience or Internships

The work experience allows employers to get a free, first-hand look at potential, future employees while our clients get to explore a career opportunity.

Clients are not guaranteed a job, but will hopefully meet and work with someone in your organization who may agree to be a reference.

DARS will:

  • Consult with the employer and worker to set up specific job tasks
  • Assist the client with transportation costs
  • Provide accident coverage for a qualifying client injured while participating in the UWE or internship

On-the-Job Training Reimbursement

On-the-job training is a financial incentive for businesses and a chance to assess the abilities and work habits of an employee. If you have an on-the-job training contract to hire a DARS client, DARS will reimburse you for up to 50 percent of the employee's earnings for the training period. The result - you have gained a trained, dedicated employee at half the cost.

DARS will:

  • Find carefully screened trainees to match the demands of your workplace
  • Work with the employer and worker to set up a training contract
  • Follow-up regularly on trainee's progress

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

A tax credit is available to employers who hire persons with disabilities. The tax credit amounts to 40 percent of the first $6,000 or up to $2,400 in wages paid during the first twelve months for each new hire. See the VEC website for more information.

Federal Bonding Program

The $5,000 bond is free to employers and covers eligible employees for six months.

Job Accommodation and Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology devices on our Pinterest page Sometimes employees need an adjustment or modification in the workplace to perform their job productively. DARS' assistive technology specialists and skilled rehabilitation engineers can assess your workplace and develop accommodations needed.

In many cases, an accommodation is a simple, inexpensive fix that DARS engineers can build and install such as an ergonomic keyboard or a software application designed for needed tasks or a modified work schedule.

Examples of assistive technology devices can be seen on our Pinterest page.

Disability Awareness and Diversity Training

It's good business practice

DARS offers disability awareness and diversity training to help educate your managers and staff on disability etiquette and using "people first" language.

Our staff is also available to speak on topics such as assistive technology, reasonable accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and federal contract requirements, or we can customize a presentation for your organization.

Contact your local business development manager to learn more or set up these programs.

Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center

Vocational Training at WWRC WWRC provides comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services for young adults with disabilities. Its vision is to offer skills training needed for jobs in local communities. It is an exceptional resource for people with disabilities as well as businesses and industries in Virginia.

In many cases, an accommodation is a simple, inexpensive fix that DARS engineers can build and install such as an ergonomic keyboard or a software application designed for needed tasks or a modified work schedule.

WWRC is committed to connecting trained, motivated and reliable graduates to employers who must fill critical positions. It strives to constantly align its vocational programming to known and emerging workforce needs across the state.

Located in rural Fishersville, WWRC is a residential campus that prepares young adults for employment and life. It offers a variety of vocational options from building trades, materials handling and auto mechanics to health occupations and business and information technology.

WWRC also uses Career Readiness Certification. This assessment-based credential gives employers a benchmark of key workplace skills. More than 500 WWRC students have attained CRC.

Vocational Training at WWRC

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